Our mission for creating this community space is to have people feel loved and we intend to continue Jarvis Park’s mission going forward. He created Zenhuasca as a sanctuary for those who seek healing and not as a source of great profit. This is why we are taking steps forward to continue to bring affordable care to those who need it. 

Our Founder, Jarvis Park, was called to be a “Shaman”, however, he chose not to answer that call. He had trained and learned how to work with Ayahuasca in Peru. He was a Korean Buddhist and believed a Shaman was not necessary to run ceremonies. 

We, like him, believe in empowering people to facilitate their own healing. People often look to a Shaman/guide for answers, however, there is a difference between being told answers and finding those answers for yourself. In our experience meaningful healing comes from within. This is the reason why our community believes in self empowerment and giving the individual control of their own healing. 

We have several facilitators/volunteers who have trained and studied in Peru. We also have facilitators/volunteers that have studied alternative healing modalities such as Breathwork, Kambo, Kundalini Yoga, Light Therapy and Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy. We have the utmost love and respect for plant and non-plant medicines and the desire to offer affordable care to those who are called to it. Join us…