PHYSICAL CLEANSE: Kambô is an intense physical cleanse and detoxes the liver, intestines and lymphatic system. Kambô is also one of the strongest natural pain relievers, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial substances on the planet. A great way to strengthen the immune system and revitalize the endocrine, digestive and lymphatic system.

ENERGETIC CLEANSE: Kambô can be one of the most potent energetic cleanses on the planet. Kambô is used to clear Panema (negative and stuck/stagnant energy) from the subtle energy body. Clearing energies and entities from the subtle energy body can mitigate dis-ease.

EMOTIONAL CLEANSE: Clearing and upgrading of the static in the subtle energy body, the chakra system and meridians can facilitate heart opening. Kambô can bring an emotional release. Some even report love coming into their lives post Kambô or the ability to forgive when that seemed impossible prior to Kambô.