Bowls in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, where this modality is rooted, Bowls are considered teachers of the Dharma. Their usage is still shrouded in secrecy. They are said to be the sound of the void (which can only be explained by what is not).


  • Create layers of sound, or harmonic overtones in which each note contains all the other notes and none is a separate entity on its own. This reflects the Buddhist teachings that say we are all interconnected and nothing exists independent of other things. 
  • Heal when we can release the attachment of self as independent and instead grasp the “ultimate Reality,” the interconnectedness of all things. Absence of self eliminates the grasping, which eliminates suffering. All is a result of cause and effect of other conditions and causes. This is called “voidness.” 
  • Carry the sound of the void – of ‘OM,’ the mantra of compassion which is recited for the benefit of all sentient beings and which ends the endless cycle of rebirth and suffering. Its voice is the cause of happiness, prosperity, knowledge, liberation, and nirvanic realization. 
  • Express the inner music of the soul and are tools for becoming one. 
  • Nudge us into harmony. In our natural world, every dissonant chord tends toward becoming a harmony, and the Bowls serve this end.

Physical Effects of the Bowls

  1. Restores the body’s natural heart, respiratory, and brain wave vibratory rates. 
  2. Balances the autonomic nervous system by creating cardio-respiratory synchrony and resonance. Many disorders are predicted by whether or not a person is achieving cardio- respiratory synchrony. 
  3. Increases parasympathetic nervous system activity (the relaxation response). 
  4. Decreases sympathetic nervous system drive (stress response).


  •  Affect the dysrhythmic motion found in cancer cells and cause a harmonious transformation. 
  • Chemically metabolize into “endogenous opiates” that act as internal painkillers and healing agents. 
  • Produce a resonant frequency in the body that is extremely beneficial for the heart and the entire body. They help stress-related disorders, pain.


Although many people would prefer a fast track pill to healing, there is no such thing. The healing process is one that requires a partnership between practitioner and client. Some clients may throw their power away in an attempt to make the practitioner responsible for their healing. It is futile and can be a costly endeavor. We believe each of us can be our own inner healer and the purpose of a practitioner is simply to guide us back to that awareness. Creating ownership in the healing process allows you to become a witness and participant in your own healing.