Indigenous tribes utilize Kambô as a Universal Healer due to it’s multi-potentiality and its interaction with the subtle energy body, physical body, emotions and The Spirit. They have used it to increase energy, groundedness, stamina, strength, vitality and sharp focus. Translating this to culture outside of the rainforest, Kambô is known to lift stagnant and negative energy while working in ways that are extremely potent for a fast paced, overstimulated, distracted, toxic and ungrounded society. Due to the bioactive peptides found in the secretion, Kambô offers a physical experience and a cleansing of the digestive and lymphatic systems, deeply penetrating the liver, while harmonizing the body's organs, endocrine system and immune system. A Kambô Cleanse works energetically as well by piercing, scanning and lifting energies in the subtle energy body and meridians. As the energy body clears, emotional clearings are reported. Kambô can help users gain clarity, get unstuck, clear grief, resolve traumas and mitigate self-destructive behaviors.